Africa 2016

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” – Albus Dumbledore

I am finally off. After years of wanting it, months of planning it, and weeks of shopping for it, I am going to Africa.

First stop: Namibia for a month. I am joining the Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA). This charity works with local farmers to improve their tense relationship with the world’s largest land mammal, and also collates valuable data on the few resident elephant herds left in the area.

Next up: two glorious weeks back in the home of my heart, Cape Town. Where I will be joined by a mum and dad who hopefully will have missed me SO much that no request will be too big..!

Much of my time in Namibia will be spent in remote locations, with no internet or electricity. But when I have a rare sojourn in a real town, I might update this blog to confirm I have not yet been killed trying to cuddle a wild elephant. I may not.

Stay tuned..!

Update: Read about Build Week here

Update: Read about Patrol Week here

Update: Read about my second Patrol Week here


One thought on “Africa 2016

  1. Well my Lu, just you do justice to those villages and talk talk sense to them and tell them to preserve their most precious giants of our – their planet. They have the BEST continent on our earth with the wildest beasts and beauties and ask them to please pass on the word to all of their citizens to guard and preserve it all with all their might and strength for the rest of mankind now and for our future little ones to enjoy..
    Funny you arrived in Nambi on Sunday and on Tuesday there was a nature prog FIERCE with naturalist Steve Backshall exploring the wildlife and landscape of Nambia. I wish I was there too – on my bucketlist sweetie. Have a lot of laughs and hope harry baby pops up to say his WELL done to you…. Ha! ha! AJxx

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