My top recommendations for the Vegetarian Interrailer

Travelling is the best thing ever, but charging your batteries enough to power through weeks of new experiences can be tough. Navigating new cities and foreign languages in search of a decent vegetarian meal can sometimes expend more energy than it reaps. 

Fear not, plant-loving Interrailers, for I have done the hard work for you. What follows is a list of the best veggie pit stops you need to fuel your way through Zagreb, Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Berlin.


img_20160813_125958Green Point: brave is the person who tries to set up a vegan fast food joint in Zagreb, but Green Point is a roaring success. With tofu, seitan or hemp burgers, as well as a selection of wok dishes and soups, your vegan needs will be 100% satisfied. [pictured]

Nishta: tucked away in a quiet courtyard is an Indian-inspired restaurant of vegetarian dreams. It ticks the hipster boxes, with homemade Lemongrass Soda served in jars, and the food is delicious. Whatever you order, make sure it includes a flatbread because they are divine.


Wrenkh: I must confess to tucking away a steak salad at Wrenkh, but it makes the list because my boyfriend assured me that the creamy white wine lentil dish he ordered was the best thing he had on our trip. Striding the slightly-fancy-but-still-affordable boundary, it promises an enjoyable evening for carnivores and herbivores alike.


Figars: this isn’t really a food recommendation (the Seitan burger was fine) but hear me out. Figars is just a place that regulars come to hang out. And it is easy to see why – the staff are friendly, the atmosphere is welcoming and the food is good. We loved it so much that we really did not mind when we had to flee from our outside table to escape torrential rain, and hide out in the tiny restaurant with everyone else until the storm had passed.


img_20160820_125640Coffee & Bagel Story: bagels might not be interesting or impressive, but a decent vegetarian bagel in the heart of a Slovakian city is not to be dismissed. We had lunch here twice because it was so central, so cheap, and the bagels are actually just super pleasing. [pictured]

Refresh: a casual restaurant upstairs, a music bar in the basement. Refresh is not exclusively vegetarian, but their veggie option was more authentically Slovakian than anything else we tried. Sure, you can find pizzas and vegetarian burgers in Bratislava, but Refresh might offer you something a little bit different and it’s a great place to try.



Bakeshop: If you need an afternoon pastry (and who doesn’t?) go here. Order a ton to eat in. Order everything else to take away. You will not regret it.

Café Savoy: I demanded a fancy breakfast, because I am annoying like that. I could not have made a better choice than Café Savoy. The experience was well worth slightly splashing out for, and my only regret is that we were too full to try the cakes. [pictured]


Nanoosh: because sometimes, you just need hummus. Originally an American chain, I won’t pretend that Nanoosh is anything special. But it does what all good hummus bars do – it gives you a pretty healthy and filling vegetarian meal for next to nothing. When you are tired and hungry and running out of money, Nanoosh is your answer.

At the time of writing, these restaurants can all be found on Google Maps.

If you have any vegetarian recommendations that I have missed out, firstly I am gutted! But also, leave a comment for the next time I visit. 


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